#1. Removing the un-needed (Memberships)

You don't need to pay to commit. We take off any binding or forceful efforts that only makes the experience less enjoyable.

#2. Assigning you a Fitness Attendant

To lighten the burden of shouldering it alone, our Fitness Attendants will serve as your sidekick and support. Leave the tedious reminders and prep work to us!

#3. Tracking your progress

Know how is your training progressing. Monitor your physical condition through our consultation service and BMI Analysis. Clarity is key.

#4. Planning your Schedule

We are all committed to life and sometimes it's hard to find the time. Worry not, our schedule is designed to be flexible and catering when necessary.

#5. Start FREE

The scariest part of starting something is always the fear the committing something and not getting the expected return. With our unique onboarding program, you can start by experiencing the programs we offer with nothing at all. Just hop in and try it for yourself and lets discuss together how to continue after that .


4 weeks program to build a long lasting, stress-free , motivating and consistent habit.

We use Lesmills group fitness programs in the training, they inspire millions of people to get moving every week. They are also the world’s best group training provider.

i1 Fitness dive deeper by integrating the program essence with the colours and needs of a person. This will help you find out where you are to where you will/can be.


To start, you don't pay to achieve. You only pay for what you have achieved.

In i1 Fitness, you will experiences 3 stages of changes in 4 weeks.

  1. OFF (Week 1 - On-board For Free)
    • WE FEEL YOU! When Plato said, “The beginning is the most important part of the work", we always wanted to start it well. We take OFF your worry by allowing you to get On-board For Free.
  1. TBC (Week 2 - To be Continued)
    • When we acquired new healthy behaviors, being able to sustain action for long is the next focus. To prevent relapse, changes must be acknowledged. The Beginning of Change will be the key for actions To Be Continued.
  1. LTR (Week 3 & 4 - Long term relationships)
    • Results is the reward of change. When you reach the end of S.T.A.R.T., you will be at the beginning of love. Building a Long Term Relationships with the better you by Loving The Results.

You can do almost everything as long as you have the focus.

Starting with i1, specially appointed Fitness Attendant will guide you throughout your journey in making choices and assist you in all sorts of arrangement.

Stay SIMPLE and choose the RIGHT for yourself.

Come with a ready mind and body, make an appointment with our Fitness Attendant, and leave the rest to us.


A goal transforms a random walk into a chase.

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